Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Camulus in 3d! Low Poly complete

So I'm 100% done with the low poly version of my character for 3d Character Design. He's all unwrapped, as can been seen in the picture below. This has been one of the most exciting projects I've done while at school here. I've learned something new every week, and my project is coming out really well. This guy's been really fun to model, and it'll be really great once hes all textured.

So i finally got my hands on Zbrush and man-oh-man is it a jolly good time. Up above is an in-progress shot of the sculpt I'm doing on my character's head. After its all done, it will be baked as a normal map onto the low poly model. This will then make the low poly version have the appearance of having all that detail in 3d when it actually doesn't. For instance, the whole body with accessories is a total of around 9000 polygons, and his head/beard in the high res version is about 2.7 million polygons right now. So yeah, Zbrush is great, and it really makes extra sense after all the sculpie sculpting I've been doing over the past few weeks.

Expect that to be posted by the week's end along with the Hercules v. Zombies painting. No rest for me.

Until next time

-Zachariah Bauer

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