Monday, April 7, 2008


I ordered my website, business cards, and post cards today. I feel like I'm finally becoming a little more legit. hooray! I'll post the link and images when everything goes through.

but for now, heres a sketch from the ol' hercules sketchbook:

This is a sketch i did a while back really quick. I didn't think much of it at the time, but its become one of my more favorite little drawings in the sketchbook. I'm going to be doing a painting similar to it in the upcoming weeks. It's depicting Hercules at the beginning of his last day of work right before the zombies attack. As you can tell, hes really excited about his job. The sign won't say; that was just a note last semester to remind me to go there. His real sign will say something about burgers. Delicious, zombie makin' burgers.

These knives were some weapon concepts i did for the Hydra. I looked at a lot of pacific island weaponry before I did these. He may use them if ever I make a real image of them fighting. It'll be intense, as thats the scene when Hercules has the Five Fingers of Olympus bestowed upon him. And there's also a huge number of the Hydra attacking him. I can't wait to have the time to paint it, it will be glorious.

In the upcoming weeks expect the Hercules v. Zombies painting that I took forever to finish to be posted. Along with sketches for a new comic including: A little kid, Hercules, Serpents, A boar monster, Some other monsters, and evil King Eurystheus. I'll also be posting more progress on my 3d character class model, and some progress shots of the Hercules sculpt I'm working on. AND lastly sketches for 3 new paintings to be finished before the end of the semester: One is Hercules relaxin' with a sign, another is Hercules v. the Erymanthian Boar, and lastly will be Camulus fighting a bunch of sea moss/fungus men. Phew. lots to do! You better bet that comic will be done before the end too.



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