Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Energy Drink

I realized I never posted anything about this energy drink I designed the packaging for last semester. So here it is! Its called Brain Booze, a Russian coffee flavored alchoholic energy drink with enough caffeine and sugar to make your head pop.

here's the sketch:

Everything was looking pretty good in the sketch, so the final was a pretty easy process:

It was finished entirely in illustrator. I don't really use illustrator that often, but when I do it usually works out pretty well. Its a tedious process, but the great thing is that i can print this at 20 feet tall if I wanted, and nothing would get lost. Totally great!

Heres a self portrait i did in illustrator as a sketch one day:Expect more later in the week! Now I'm off to get my portfolio printed for my seminar presentation tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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Zombat said...

More illustrator work damn you