Thursday, December 13, 2007

Celtic War God

Update! Heres a sketch for a piece I'm working on for the final in my digital illustration class. Its based off of Frank Frazetta's first Conan cover.I then lightboxed the small sketch onto a bigger piece of paper. (Still in progress.)
Scanned in the drawing and went to work with my poor-mans photoshop skills. (still in progress)
More updates to come as it reaches completion!

-Zachariah Bauer


Zombat said...

Nice to see that your still a-workin though the semester's over ...

Sam Bosma said...

What up, sucka.

I bought a Frazetta book. That motherfucker didn't start working on paintings until 10 hours before they were due. What an asshole.

Zachariah Bauer said...

yeah. tell me about it!