Wednesday, February 20, 2008

its been a while...

I havn't scanned anything in a while, nor have i posted. so heres some more sketches from the vault of last semester. these are a couple of early drawings of hercules, right after i took a bunch of reference photos of my friend kyle.

an this is a sweet knight i drew for part of a poster for the young playwright's festival.

And this is that same guy I did in the last post, but for a different project in digital illustration. It was about the backgrounds of nursery rhymes, can you guess which one it is? Now I'm working with him for my 3d Character Modeling class, and hes way more bad ass. He just keeps getting better! more on that later.


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Sam Bosma said...

That fish/baby/skullz dude was straight up digital + ink. Yowz.

King Cole representing on his wang-chair. I'm digging those sketchbook pages.