Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Keep on keepin on

Hey everybody. Just wanted to let everyone know I'm still working on stuff, and not just 3d. I had been thinking about this eskimo-type character for the Guild of Huntsmen comic for a while. I did some drawings, all of which were either bad, or worse. But during my art history class yesterday I noticed these two small ovals that had made it onto the page of my sketchbook some how and thought, "Hm that would be a sweet head to beard ratio." Exact words, i swear. And it turned into the head and goatee of the small guy on the top left. I finally did something i liked for this guy. I'm probably going to settle with the look on the right, or something close to it. A complete drawing will be posted whenever i get around to doing character mock-ups for everyone. I have someone thats going to help me write a story for a complete series. Its going to be epic. Yetis will probably be involved in some way.

This next drawing i did while sitting at the laundromat today. I was pretty upset with myself for not working on something for the project rooftop "Superman: Man of Style" challenge. So this is a quick, half hour in my sketch book drawing i did. Maybe I'll finish it? what do you think? The bottom of the drawing is the bottom of my sketch book, so it'll have to be finished digitally. Which would be sweet because I'd then have a good reason to get some digital painting time in. Yeah?

And lastly, an update on the Hercules model. The head is actually almost done again after a crash i had. It always seems to crash when i get into a modeling trance and forget the whole "saving your work" idea. Anywhoo, its a bit further along than this, but i don't have a more recent screen grab so this'll have to do for now. More to come later in the week, time for some literature class writing. Hooray!

Z Bauer out!


Adam Hulk said...

Remember even with modeling and just like in illustration, general to specific. Nice stuff Zach, Keep it up.

pablo pablo said...

Nice sketch!