Monday, October 6, 2008

Yeti/Lockhammer and The Pain of Being Dead 2: BALTIMONSTER

Here's a new painting I just recently finished. All digital again. Its a constant learning experience right now every time I work in photoshop. I recently picked up painter, so I'm going to try messing around with it soon, there will be updates when something of note comes out of that. Coming up, I'll also be starting work on a 36x48" oil painting. I'm super excited about that. I haven't seriously painted in oils since my freshman year at MICA, and even though I got into MICA with all oil paintings, I feel like I'm going to be learning the medium all over again. It should be fun/challenging/rewarding, which is the best way things should be.

Oh, I almost forgot! For those of you that havn't heard yet, my work is going to be on display alnong with a bunch of other fantastic artists in a show titled The Pain of Being Dead 2: BALTIMONSTER. The painting further up in this post, along with the Golden Yeh Rén and the Five Fingers of Olympus painting are all going to be up. Here's the info straight from the gallery's write up:

Pain of Being Dead 2: BALTIMONSTER ! Art show, live music and costume contest: Friday, October 24th, 8 p.m. at The Echo, 14 North Ave, directly next to The Windup. 14 North Avenue is a gigantic gallery space (with 6,600 white-walled feet!!!) directly next to The Windup on North Ave. Pain of Being Dead II: Baltimonster! is one of the first events to be held in this forthcoming exhibition and performance space. The only instructions contributing artists were given was, "make it monster." Come check out the mad resulting endproducts and hear some scary live music from The Survivors of Camp Crystal Lake, We Are the Seahorses, and Mr. Moccasin. Enter the costume contest, for best overall and best monsterfied Hon, and experience Halloween in a new space! DJs Action Pat and King Gilbert will be providing the spooktastic monster jams to kick your undead boots to. Artists include:
Brian Ralph
Alex Fine
Daniel Krall
Nolen Strals
Daniel Albrigo
Josh Sisk
Curt Eichelberger
Dan Janssen
Scott Archer
Jeremy Zombie
Sam Bosma
Kevin Sherry/Squidfire
Rick Kercz
Kali Ciesemier
Jimmy Giegrich
Anthony Weber
Adrian Painter
Mark Kubat
Claire Painter
Justin Gilman & Tami Churns
Michael Anderson
John Dyer Baizley
Rich Marafioti
Gus Bowman
Ramsay Antonio-Barnes
Rob Brulinski
Zachariah Bauer
Andrea Kalfas
Mike Riley
Brady Starr
Peter Goode
Sean of the Dead
Zachariah Bauer

There will be an opening night of the show on Saturday, Oct. 11th where you can see the art and talk to the artists. BYOB on the 11th only.

And here's the flyer for the show closing. Complete with sweet illustration by Alex Fine.

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