Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Golden Yeh Rén and Lobster Johnson

I know I promised these a little while ago, but here it is! New stuff! I've been working more and more with my wacom and its just been super convenient and enjoyable. Anyway, this first guy is a member of a tribe of ape-men called the Golden Yeh Rén. They live deep inside mountains near lava flows, and are the hated enemies of the Yeti. This was entirely digital, except for the sketch of that glove (read previous post for explanation). More on these guys to come in the future. He's super fun to draw and I already have some ideas I'm interested in persuing for other members of the tribe. This guy is the keeper of that long handled sword and glove. They're probably magical.

Up next is the finished front and side view of Lobster Johnson's turnaround. I'll probably eventually do a back view. That'll come whenever I feel like modeling him. I'm not to big on doing fan art, so spending a long time on something like this gets a little taxing. I really like him though, but its time for some new hotness to come out of the ol' creative juice factory.

It's pretty late now, and past my bedtime. In the future expect an update on the job situation, diploma status, a finished Hercules 3d model, and a painting featuring Willem Lockhammer from the Guild of Huntsmen. Its for a gallery show I'm going to be part of that opens in October. More on that later in the week.

Thanks for stopping by.

Zachariah Bauer


Welcome! said...

hey zack, these both look awesome! i LOVE the golden ape warrior. love him! nice job, dude.

andrea said...

ok and that was from me, andrea, not "welcome!"

Zachariah Bauer said...

thanks! and you totally need to fix that.

Bumpo said...

the yeh ren is seriously kickass