Monday, April 28, 2008

Back Yard Adventures

The pencils for my next comic for Sequential class are done! I'm pretty pleased with how they came out. Getting to draw Hercules beating up monsters, while having it relate to my childhood was a fun experience. The assignment was to do a comic based on something from our youth. And my youth consisted pretty much wholly of me and my brothers adventuring in the woods behind my house, stomping down ferns, and other such awesomeness. So I decided it would be perfect to do a comic about that. Maybe one day, if this Hercules project gets picked up this'll be some story about how when he was a kid he'd pretend to go on big adventures, and sure enough one fell into his lap when he grew up. I don't know though. I just wanted to draw him punching some stuff. And having an evil king get really pissed about it. I didn't want to worry about getting the likeness of me as a little kid, so i just came up with one that I thought would fit with the older Hercules.

The last line is, "Awww, porkchops again?!"

Here it is!

Let me know what you think. It'll be inked by friday, so excpect an update on that this weekend. Next week is coloring and inking it. Also for next week will be the last painting I'm probably doing for thesis. It's Camulos charging into a cave, sword drawn, beatin' up some fungus men. Its coming along, and its digital, and I'll post it once its done.


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N. Krasner said...

These are pretty sweet, but where'd your inks go sucker?

(I bet the frenchman still has them)